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Yatule Resort and Spa at Natadola Beach

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Αυτές οι κριτικές είναι μεταφρασμένες μηχανικά από τα Αγγλικά. Να εμφανίζονται μηχανικές μεταφράσεις;
Θα ήθελα να κλείσω το Intercontinental, για τον εορτασμό του μέλιτός μας, αλλά δυστυχώς όλα τα δωμάτια ήταν γεμάτοι. Ως εκ τούτου, κράτηση Yatule ως εναλλακτική λύση, η οποία βρίσκεται σε εξέλιξη με κάποια μεγάλα ασυνέπειες: Υπέρ: - το δωμάτιο ήταν ένα καταπληκτικό περιβάλλον
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Απάντηση από: FJislanda, General Manager στο Yatule Resort and Spa at Natadola Beach
Απαντήθηκε στις 11 Αυγ 2017
Bula Sham811, Thanks for the feedback on your stay. We have gone through your comments in detail with our team in order to make improvements in our service consistency. The challenge we will face is a comparison to our neighbours, the Intercontinental Resort which is a 5-star internationally branded property with the service and experience that goes with that. At Yatule Resort we offer a different more boutique, low key experience at which caters for a different travel experience than you would expect at the Intercontinental. In regards to transfers from the Resort to Nadi, there are different transfer options (which offer different rates) available to the airport and these are all third party providers including shared transfers or private local taxis. At Yatule, we provide the information and assist booking the transfers. Thanks again for your comments, and we hope that you did enjoy your honeymoon in Fiji. Regards,
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Μόλις επιστρέψαμε από ένα θαυμάσιο 8 ημέρα διακοπές στο Yatule στα Φίτζι's Coral Coast. Αυτό το θέρετρο είναι πολύ χαμηλή και ξεκούραση! Βρίσκεται σε μια πανέμορφη παραλία, μείναμε σε ένα από τα παραθαλάσσια burres που ήταν γραφική αλλά είχε όλα όσα απαιτούνται. Μολονότι
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Απάντηση από: FJislanda, General Manager στο Yatule Resort and Spa at Natadola Beach
Απαντήθηκε στις 29 Ιουλ 2017
Bula Lisa, Thanks for your positive comments in regards to Vegan menu, and we also appreciate your assistance in providing options for you. Appreciate your feedback about umbrellas for the pool area and we are working on enhancing the pool deck to make more usable year round. We hope to see you back at the Resort. Regards,
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Εξαιρετική τοποθεσία μακριά από την κίνηση και φασαρία της μεγαλύτερης θέρετρα. Η παραλία είναι όμορφη. Φιλικό προσωπικό πρόθυμο να σας ευχαριστήσουν. Είναι ένα εξαιρετικό μέρος για να χαλαρώσετε και να χαλαρώσουν στο όμορφο περιβάλλον. Το μενού μπορεί να ήταν λίγο πιο πλούσιο -
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Απάντηση από: FJislanda, General Manager στο Yatule Resort and Spa at Natadola Beach
Απαντήθηκε στις 29 Ιουλ 2017
Bula Wendy, I am glad that you enjoyed your stay at Yatule. Appreciate your feedback in regards to variety on the menu. We are currently looking at revising some of our menu options so will certainly take your feedback on aboard. Regards,
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Θα το συνιστούσα ανεπιφύλακτα Yatule ως το ιδανικό μέρος για χαλάρωση και ξεκούραση. Ο διευθυντής είναι πολύ φιλικοί και φιλόξενοι. Η τοποθεσία είναι υπέροχη, με μια όμορφη λευκή αμμώδη παραλία στο κατώφλι σας. Δεν είναι ένα εξαιρετικά - θέρετρο flash (αν θέλετε να 2 λεπτά πιο
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Απάντηση από: FJislanda, General Manager στο Yatule Resort and Spa at Natadola Beach
Απαντήθηκε στις 29 Ιουλ 2017
Bula Alib792, Thank you for your feedback, and I am glad I able to assist you during your stay. I appreciate you direction and feedback on the vegetarian dishes and preparation! I am glad that you enjoyed the bures. We acknowledge your comments about sound transference and it is something that we are looking into remedies for and hope that we can reduce. We look forward to seeing you back at the Resort next time you are in Fiji. Regards,
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Δεν ήμουν σίγουρος τρόπος για να βαθμολογήσετε αυτό το θέρετρο όπως διαπίστωσα ότι έχει μερικά καλά και μερικά πολύ κακά σημεία. Ας ξεκινήσουμε με τις καλές. Το κοντινό Natadola Beach είναι πολύ όμορφο, οι εγκαταστάσεις του θερέτρου είναι απλή και ωραία. Το δωμάτιο ήταν καθαρό,
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Απάντηση από: FJislanda, General Manager στο Yatule Resort and Spa at Natadola Beach
Απαντήθηκε στις 11 Ιουλ 2017
Thank you for your feedback on your stay at Yatule. I do apologize that your experience with our Restaurant and your dietary requirements weren’t meant. At the resort we are able to cater for special dietary needs, including vegetarian and we have a number of vegetarian options on both our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. We work with our guests that identify their dietary needs and are usually able to provide satisfactory options. For Vegan diets, I will agree that we do not have specific vegan items on our menus, as it is not something that we have a high demand for at our Resort. As you can see by the majority of our recent reviews, we are receiving positive feedback on the quality of food, so it is possible. Although we cannot undo your negative experience, I would ask that you would reconsider a visit and give us the opportunity with advance notice so that we can be prepared to manage your dietary needs. Please contact myself directly at resortmanager@yatulefiji.com.fj . Janette Vuki General Manager
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Look at the view! (this photo makes the room look smaller than it is)
Front entrance of room
Hi, does the resort organise pick up from Nadi airport & how much, or how much to get taxi to resort. We are coming in September
Bula! From Nadi International Airport we can organize your transfers for $50 per person in a shared coach. Should you require any further information please contact us on our email address. Vinaka
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Was wondering what the best way to get to the hotel from Nadi Airport ?
There was plenty of Taxis at the Airport. Tourist desks as well. You could also email the Resort and see if there is a Hotel bus that does a run. Was told to use Taxis that the Hotel books and not of the street if that helps. We had a Big 47 seat bus booked for transfer.
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Oops sorry I am the one asking the question! Can anyone on this forum or Yatule staffers itself answer my question?, vinaka.
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Hi. We went on a Footy tour . We had a Pool view with a Inter connecting room as we had 3 teenagers. The room had Big bed TV Kitchenette and Bathroom. Not sure on other rooms but could see the Ocean. The Inter continental was about a 15 min walk away more near the cliffs/water. The View was the same from both Hotels. Depends on your Budget. We loved the Staff and they also have a day spa or you can visit the local shop on beach for hair braiding or massages. Taxis are at the bottom of the entrance on call if you need to book.
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Bula Abby C, please note that there has been no reports of Zika virus outbreaks in Fiji this year. You can try and google "Zika virus in Fiji" for more information and stats. It is the rainy season so there will be mosquitoes. At Yatule, and like most hotels, we have a spraying program that assists with keeping mosquitoes at bay and this tends to work for us. You will have to make the decision to defer or just come prepared. Trust this helps. Catherine Kumar
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101 $ - 291 $ (Βάσει των μέσων τιμών για ένα Στάνταρ δωμάτιο)
Yatule Beach Resort
ΦίτζιΒιτί ΛεβούSanasana
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