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Sandgate Hotel

The Esplanade The Esplanade, Sandgate, Folkestone CT20 3DY Αγγλία Δείτε στον χάρτη
Όνομα/διεύθυνση στην τοπική γλώσσα
Δωρεάν WiFi
Ξενοδοχείο μη καπνιστών
Δεκτά κατοικίδια
Αίθουσες συσκέψεων
Ξενοδοχείο 3 αστέρων
Φαγητό & ποτό στο ξενοδοχείο
The Sandgate Hotel Restaurant
116 κριτικές
Κουζίνες: Σύγχρονη
Κατηγορία ξενοδοχείου
Δωρεάν Ίντερνετ υψηλής ταχύτητας (WiFi)
Αίθουσες συσκέψεων
Γήπεδο γκολφ
Επιτρέπονται τα κατοικίδια (Κατάλληλο για σκυλιά/κατοικίδια)
Ξενοδοχείο μη καπνιστών
Υπηρεσία δωματίου
Δωρεάν στάθμευση
Γυμναστήριο/Αίθουσα άσκησης
Τύποι δωματίων
Δωμάτια μη καπνιζόντων
Κατηγορία ξενοδοχείου
Τύποι δωματίων
Δωμάτια μη καπνιζόντων
Αριθμός δωματίων
Εύρος τιμών
52 $ - 107 $ (Βάσει των μέσων τιμών για ένα Στάνταρ δωμάτιο)
- Γνωστό επίσης ως
Sandgate Hotel Folkestone
Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο > Αγγλία > Κεντ (Κομητεία) > Folkestone > Sandgate
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Κλείσαμε 2 νύχτες στο Sandgate, μία στο δρόμο μας προς τη Γαλλία και την άλλη βραδιά στο δρόμο της επιστροφής. Επιλέξαμε αυτό το ξενοδοχείο: πρώτον επειδή ήταν pet friendly 🐾- ότι δεν χρειάζεται καν να χρεώνουν για σκύλους, δεύτερον, διότι ήταν πολύ λογικές τιμές και τρίτον, καθ
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Όλες οι φωτογραφίεςΑπό ταξιδιώτεςΔωμάτιο και σουίταΔείπνοΠισίνα και παραλία
Has anyone else been kept awake all night by the loud rough sex noises?
not the week we stayed.
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how far to ferry port dove
It's about 12 miles, a 20 min drive in the car (if there are no problems on the roads).
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Iv booked this hotel for 2 nights later in year been reading reviews is it really that bad? Thanks
We had Room 2 - view fantastic, right over Channel. We had booked for 6 nights, left after one. Why? The room is 9 foot by 9 foot. It was dirty, little glass jars (maybe meant for candles?) dusty, dead insects in them etc. Our main problems were: 1) the mattress, honestly you could feel every spring. Mind you I don't think they had any spring left, but when I tried to sleep I postitioned, there was a spring digging into me - I could trace round & round with my hand. If there had been room, we would have been better sleeping on the floor - no there is not enough room between bed & walls to sleep on the floor. 2) the old toilet cistern did not flush. (We were offered another room for one night, they said the plumber had already been to fix it??) My husband made it flush, by climbing on the toilet every time we need to flush it. 3) I mentioned dusty/dirty. When we first arrived, in the bathroom, the toilet roll had 2 sheets of paper left on the roll???!!! You do that at home, not in a 85 pound a night hotel. The spare roll, sits on the pipes behind the toilet!! The bed sheets are old, thin and tired. 4) We had decided at 4am in the morning we were leaving, but did want a shower at 7 am it was a quick one, the hose would attached to the wall section as something was broken. I could go on - can't walk between bed & wardrobe - room for 1/2 leg. 14 inch TV screen on table with electric jug/kettle - and the double electric plug beside them - wonder what happens when someone spills water on the plug. We had breakfast, paid - we were given a discount 70 pound, & left. I was soooo sad, I was born up the road, and this was the first 6 week holiday from New Zealand where I could stay in Sandgate/ Shorncliffe/Folkestone for a few days, look at the view etc. To the Management/Owner of the Sandgate Hotel - were you once on Hotel Inspector on TV? Do you not realise that people will pay for that view. Those 4 rooms over the sea, could be 2 beautiful boutique modern rooms (and spotlessly clean) highly priced rooms. For the location the other rooms could also be modern, spotlessly clean rooms too. So sad. PS Good wifi - It enabled me at 6 am to get on line and book another hotel.
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Are Dogs Welcome?? is the size a problem? Thanks
Are gosh welcome?? is the size a problem??
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