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When strolling through the alleys with the white washed houses of the little town of Antiparos one wouldn't become aware that a central part of it is a bit special. An information board helps: 'The castle of Antiparos', but it does not refer to a castle in the usual sense, but to a fortified settlement. After several of the smaller Cycladic islands had become depopulated due to constant pirate attacks in the middle ages, the various Venetian families, who then owned these islands, started to bring people again to these places by building fortified villages, where the new inhabitants would find protection from the pirates.

These fortified settlements consist of a ring of houses, either rectangular or elliptic, all open only to the interior, while the outer walls didn't have much more than some loopholes. Just through one or two small gates was it possible to enter the inner part of such a 'kastro', as they were called in Greek. We find this type of architecture not only in Antiparos, but also on other small islands like Sikinos, Folegandros or Kimolos. The village of Kastro on Sifnos also belongs to that category, but here the history is a bit different.

At the castle of Antiparos the only entrance consists of stones, that are not white washed like the rest and with a small arch. Inside we will find about 24 two-storey houses with external staircases. They are of the typical cubic Cycladic style. In the middle of the 'Kastro' are the remains of a keep, whose top once looked over the ring of houses and was armed with cannons, of which nothing remains. After the danger from pirates was over the inhabitants of the Kastro started to open the outer walls by adding windows and balconies. The houses of the 'Castle of Antiparos' are still inhabited today.
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