Holy Chapel Of Agios Nikolaos
7:00 πμ - 9:00 μμ
7:00 πμ - 9:00 μμ
7:00 πμ - 9:00 μμ
7:00 πμ - 9:00 μμ
7:00 πμ - 9:00 μμ
7:00 πμ - 9:00 μμ
7:00 πμ - 9:00 μμ
7:00 πμ - 9:00 μμ
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David D
Devon, UK25.362 συνεισφορές
4,0 από 5 κύκλους
Ιούν 2023 • Ζευγάρια
Thursday 15th June and we visited this small old Church in Skala Potamias. We had walked along the coastal route from Skala Panagia to get here, a distance of just over three and a half kilometres.

This old Chapel stands on the side of the street, a short distance from the Harbour. From the outside, along the roadside the Chapel, with it's old stone wall and railings, did look a bit lacklustre, but looks can be deceptive.

At the front of the Chapel there is a small tile covered vestibule, it is surrounded by a stone wall with railings and a gate entrance.

We climbed steps down from the road into the stone paved area. The is a designated shrine area to light and burn candles. There are a number of colourful paintings of Saints and religious people and icons around the walls.

From there we went through the wooden door in to the main body of the Church.

The dark wooden altar screen, reredos, which protects the altar from public view, has a number of larger painted images with numerous smaller across the top. A small crucifix with the body of Christ on it, stands at the top of them all.

The walls are rather sparsely covered with some paintings and icons dotted around.

Tall wooden chairs line the walls while ordinary wooden chairs with wicker seats populate the remaining paved floor area.

A series of whitewashed concrete beams and pillars supported the arched ceiling. Take a moment to look up at the ceiling which is adorned with floral designs. A simple crystal chandelier hangs down from here.

It was a rather special time, the two of us alone in this little Chapel, as we sat for a while on chairs enjoying and appreciating it's unique aura.
Γράφτηκε στις 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023
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Holy Chapel Of Agios Nikolaos (Χρυσή Ακτή, Ελλάδα) - Κριτικές - Tripadvisor

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