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3081 Highway 97, 150 Mile House, Βρετανική Κολούμπια V0K 2G0 Καναδάς

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Βικτόρια, Καναδάς12.903 συνεισφορές
Ιούν 2021
As we were plotting and planning our summer roadtrip itinerary, we kept a keen eye out for “stops of interest” and historic landmarks. Such sites, in our view, enhance any journey by providing important context and, if you use enough imagination, a window into the past . . . think covered wagon times and gold! That’s how 150 Mile House’s “Little Red Schoolhouse” came to be on our radar.

Completed in 1896, the Little Red Schoolhouse served as the primary institute of learning in 150 Mile House and the surrounding area for the better part of 60 years, until 1959 (at which point it was replaced by a newer, larger school). While it looks quite petit today, the school was more than sufficient during the late Victorian period. During this era, 150 Mile House still functioned as a major hub of commerce and transportation – something that might be difficult to imagine today!

After finishing life as a school, the building served as someone’s private residence until 1978. Come 1980, the schoolhouse was restored and now operates as a heritage classroom, articulating the history of the area. It was subsequently recognized as a Historic Place of Canada in 2011.

When my partner and I patronized this site, the school was still closed to visitors because of the COVID pandemic (and will be until 2022). As such, we were only able to observe the exterior of the building and read the information sign. It was a brief stop, but an educational one as it allowed us to peer through the windows of history and into Victorian-era BC.

Bonus fact: The historic Cariboo Wagon Road runs beside the school (Highway 97).
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