Bathori Varkastely
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Mission, Καναδάς1.211 συνεισφορές
Αύγ 2019
Well the building is not very large but it has a large banner outdoors and if you drive by you cannot miss it. It is situated at the centre of a much larger unfenced property.

Upon settling we made a plan to visit. It was a working hot summer day in so we had it all for ourselves.

The Bathory family was an old noble family with origins in 2 Swabian brothers ( Swabians are of West German origin who came along the Danube river throughout Europe) during the reign of Peter King of Hungary -1030s to 1040s.
Through family agreements to divide possessions, a branch of the family named themselves "Bathory" = of Batór. You can see members of these families in different museums in Hungary, for centuries very influential, big land owners and powerful at high levels.
Well there is one particularly family member who shocks. I must say in the museum they sugar-coat the reality of the history in one end but the wax figure depicts the horrific acts that occurred. I have been reading more about the case and came to my own conclusions.
Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614) was accused of murdering hundreds of young girls with 4 accomplices and bathe in their blood. She is in the Guinness Word Records as the must prolific female murderer. In the page you get handed at the Museum for English speaking people -thanks God- it is suggested in a subtle way that those accusations were politically motivated. The Museum is part of one of their properties and it shows in wax figures family members from different eras. Next to kings etc. I think that the artists did a great job in the figures but a terrible job on the hands. -Too long fingers-...But we spent a nice afternoon. That evening I went to my iPad to read all I could find about Elizabeth...of course...:-)
Γράφτηκε στις 17 Νοεμβρίου 2019
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